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Information sessions for going back to school

Find the path that suits you! 

Since 2012, a Services for Adults employee has visited organizations who request it to provide a free information session for going back to school. This highly rewarding exchange generates direct answers to questions on such topics as training, courses available, educational equivalences, and so on, as well as presenting the Quebec education system. 

Several hundred adults, among them recent immigrants to Quebec, have greatly benefited from this session since it was instituted. 

Toward a better understanding of the adult education system in Quebec:

  • Basic training;
  • High-school cycles;
  • Vocational and technical training;
  • College- and university-level higher education;
  • Francization and language courses;
  • Lifelong learning;
  • Recognition of acquired learning and competencies;
  • Distance learning;
  • Social and occupational integration;
  • Student financial aid;
  • And many other questions concerning training. 

I had the pleasure of attending an information session on the education system which Mr Saidj held for my group. In the course of my career, I have had the opportunity to meet many speakers, but few of them are so willing to answer participants’ questions fully and with no time limitations, guiding them in line with their individual situations and needs.

Murielle Lepoittevin-Les-Vallées
Project officer for Groupe Orientation Emploi’s Formation Passerelle vers l’emploi (pathway-to-employment training)

Feel free to get in touch with us to arrange a date for an Information session for going back to school or to obtain additional information:

Slimane Saidj:  514-289-1178, ext. 228

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