Since 1990, Info-Alpha has offered a listening and reference service in literacy and basic training dedicated to adults with reading, writing and numeracy difficulties.

Knowing how to read and write is now a necessary condition for professional development, but also for accessing, understanding and analyzing information and participating fully in society. Knowing how to read and write means giving yourself the opportunity to flourish and improve your living conditions.

Info-Alpha is also the gateway to francization services, literacy programs and initiation into computers, the Internet and technological tools.

“Sometimes we experience different situations that prevent us from continuing to study, but there is always an open door.”


Tany Lopez Garcia
Francization learner
Le Coeur à lire

Info-Alpha is a service:

  • For people in need of support as well as for those around them and workers from the various public networks;
  • Bilingual, toll-free and confidential;
  • Listing more than 600 literacy and basic training resources in the public and community sectors in all regions of Quebec;
  • Accessible via several communication channels;
  • Providing, if necessary, a personalized conference call service where a speaker accompanies the adult who wishes to communicate with an organization;
  • Provided by professionals.

Improve your skills with Info-Alpha

Did you know that 67,000 Quebecers have started a literacy process thanks to Info-Alpha?
If you too would like more information to improve your basic skills, contact us!

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