Service d'aide à la lecture


The Literacy Foundation believes in continuing education and lifelong learning aimed at providing citizens with the means and tools necessary to acquire new competencies, grow and develop personally, and achieve greater social and professional integration. 

Lifelong learning to:

  • Obtain a diploma or undertake refresher training
  • Find a better job
  • Adjust to the labour market
  • Learn a second language
  • Participate as active citizens 

Lifelong learning to:

  • Recognize street names
  • Complete online forms
  • Decode the proper dosage for a medication
  • Understand a newspaper article
  • Help one’s child do his homework 

Through Services for Adults, the Literacy Foundation encourages and supports continuous education and lifelong learning through its different components and projects. 

Referral component

The Info‑Alpha telephone line provides assistance and referral for any question concerning literacy training and basic training.

The Adult Learnline provides assistance and referral for any question concerning adult education.

Information sessions for going back to school involve a meeting with a Services for Adults worker, who makes visits to organizations to answer questions directly from the adults concerned and propose appropriate referrals.

Recognition component (individual paths of adults in training)

Through a financial contribution from the Desjardins Foundation, the Literacy Foundation awards five yearly bursaries. The $1,000 I Don’t Give Up, I’m a Winner! bursaries each go to adults who have completed literacy or basic training.

Support to organizations component 

The Foundation fulfills its mission of supporting organizations engaged in the fight against illiteracy through especialy its participation in Family Literacy Day.