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The current pandemic is disrupting the daily lives of everyone and the impacts are being seen in all spheres of society.

In this context, schools and community organizations had to cancel their activities and suspend their services in accordance with the preventive measures decreed by the government and the public health agency. These closings have significant impacts on the different clienteles they serve.

The Foundation offers a comprehensive library including several digital tools to keep in touch with your employees, customers and loved ones, as well as educational resources for children and their parents.

Resources – Digital Communications

To help you exchange with your employees, your customers and your loved ones by videoconference.

Online Educational Resources for Adults

Games, exercices and online trainings for adults wishing to continue their learning.

Online Educational Resources for Children and their Parents

Games, exercices and workshops for elementary and high school students and their parents.

Foundation initiatives for Children and their Parents

To keep your spirits up, have fun and learn as a family.

To have the Foundation add one of your resources to its library, contact us at info@fondationalphabetisation.org

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