Organize a book collection activity

Organize a drive for The Gift of Reading  (brand new children’s books for ages 0-12)

Involve your team in our cause, which aims to stimulate the imagination while generating the joy of reading in children! 

Carrying out a children’s book collection for The Gift of Reading will bring people together and will not fail to involve all the members of your organization or those around you. In addition to fighting illiteracy and encouraging young people to stay in school, this program is a way of introducing books into families that have few if any books. 

As and when you wish!

At any point in the year, for a single day or over several months, the shape of your collection activity can be fully adapted to your concept and resources, or to the time available to you.

Want to participate? We’ll be very happy to support you in your activity! 


Have a direct impact on your community

The Gift of Reading invites the public to give brand new children’s books to kids aged 0–12. All these books are sorted, counted, and then redistributed in May to children from underprivileged neighbourhoods, throughout Quebec. 

Since 1999, through public donations, The Gift of Reading has distributed more than 850 000 books. Even if the program has been more and more successful through the years, we are still unable to meet all the needs. Make a difference and enable more and more children to develop a passion for reading! 

An attractive showcase for your organization

We’re always proud to post photos and news concerning your activity on our Web site, in our monthly e-newsletter, À la une! or in our social media. Join us! 

Order your collection kit!

We’ll send you the materials you need, depending on the collection you wish to organize. 

The kit contains posters and a collection box. 

Order yours right away by calling us at 514-289-1178, ext. 236 or emailing her at info@fondationalphabetisation.org.

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