Book distribution

From the donor, right to the child!

At the end of the collection period, the books are inspected, sorted, and classified by the age group for which they are intended.

A gift bag to each child!

Each book is given to the child and contains:

  • a postcard with the donor’s name and address;
  • a word of encouragement from the donor in the form of a dedication. 

Also accompanying the book is a tool for parents, bearing the logo of and contact information for the Info-Alpha line, a telephone referral service that can help parents who are weak readers. 

The young recipients are strongly encouraged to complete and return the thank-you postcard expressing their joy and gratitude, to the great pleasure of the donors. The Foundation also invites teachers, child care workers and other stakeholders to set up a postcard rally with the children, with a view to increasing the response rate. But the Foundation has no control over the mailing of the postcards by the children, and therefore cannot guarantee that donors will receive news from them. 

Distribution networks

The Foundation targets organizations that will be responsible for giving out books to children on its behalf. To be selected, these organizations must operate in an underprivileged environment and work directly with children aged 0–12. They are invited to organize a reading-related activity to make the book distribution in May a fun event. 

School system

Schools in underprivileged areas are selected by means of two deprivation indicators—the socio-economic indicator and the low-income cutoff (LICO)—as calculated by the Quebec Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sports (MELS). The recipient classes are then selected on the basis of the availability of books by age group and with a view to fair distribution. 

Community-based family resource centres

The members of the Fédération des organismes communautaires Famille (Quebec’s federation of family resource centres) take part in distributing the Gift of Reading books to the children attending their organizations. These are located in underprivileged areas and reach both parents and children.

Childcare centres

We target childcare centres in poor areas where children can benefit from a book donated through The Gift of Reading. 

Other community organizations

Other community organizations also receive books from The Gift of Reading. They have to meet the criteria established by the Literacy Foundation to be able to distribute books to children

Thank you to Nationex, which handles the shipping of the books in Quebec’s 17 regions!

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