Bursary for the Friends of the Literacy Foundation

What is the Bursary for the Friends of the Literacy Foundation?

The Foundation’s leitmotiv is to ‘help to help’. With this in mind, we have developed a $5000 bursary program. The bursary will be given out every year to a Friend of the Foundation who will introduce an innovative teaching project in basic training or literacy.

The bursary program aims to raise the literacy level of Quebec residents.


Submission period

Organizations interested in receiving the bursary can apply between November 1, 2017 and January 30, 2018. No submission will be accepted after the deadline.

Terms and conditions

Friends of the Foundation interested in receiving the bursary have to meet the following terms and conditions:

  • All eligibility requirements are met;
  • The submission is complete with all of the required information;
  • The submission is sent by email before the deadline.

Eligibility requirements

  • Member in good standing of the Amis de la Fondation (note that individual members are excluded);
  • Annual membership is paid in full;
  • A complete application is submitted;
  • A submission is sent between November 1, 2017 and January 30, 2018.

Exclusion criteria

No financing for these projects:

  • Moneymaking projects;
  • Research projects.

Evaluation process 

  • Step 1: Preparing your submission to the Foundation
    • First, fill out the required form which can be found online, including a project outline (500 words maximum) and a preliminary budget. Incomplete submissions will be automatically rejected. Your submission must be sent by email (not by regular mail) to bourses@fondationalphabetisation.org before January 30, 2018. A confirmation email will be sent out as proof of reception.
  • Step 2: Evaluating your project
    • The Foundation will process all submitted applications in the six weeks following the deadline. A committee of three members (two from an external source and one from the Foundation) will examine all the submissions. The committee will select an innovative project in the field of teaching. In addition, the project has to be easily transferable and long-term. Please keep in mind that if you submit a project it doesn’t mean that you will automatically get a bursary!
  • Step 3: The final result
    • If your organization is selected for the bursary, the Foundation will notify the contact person for the submission. Media events will follow. The winning organization will be the only one contacted.

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