I Don’t Give Up, I’m a Winner! bursaries

7 bursaries of $1,500 to be won!
Deadline : Friday, May 24, 2019

Through the generous contribution of Fondation Desjardins, the Literacy Foundation is pleased, for the eighth consecutive year, to open up the application period for the I Don’t Give Up, I’m a Winner! bursaries. This award highlights the perseverance and determination of adults who have successfully undertaken steps to improve their literacy skills and understanding of core subjects. 

This year, $1,500 bursaries will be awarded to seven adults who have gone back to school to upgrade their reading and writing skills and thus improve their living conditions.

→ Meet the 2018 winners (in french)

Do you know an adult learner who has shown determination and courage in undertaking literacy or basic training? Could his or her story inspire other adults wishing to upgrade their reading and writing skills?

Download the form here

Submit an application by email here

Who can participate?

To be eligible, candidates must:

  • be over 16 years of age and be residents of Quebec;
  • have been registered in literacy or basic training in an adult education centre or a grassroots organization, or in a corporate basic training program, between January 1, 2018  and May 24, 2019;
  • have achieved a personal or professional goal through completing this training;
  • have followed a path that may serve as a model for other adults wishing to go back to school in order to upgrade their reading, writing and numeracy skills.

How to submit a nomination

You must submit by mail no later than Friday, May 24, 2019 a nomination file that must include all the following elements:

  • The official nomination form, which must bear the signature of a respondent who can speak to the path followed by the adult and confirm the accuracy of the facts submitted in the file.
  • A text of two (2) to four (4) pages written by the respondents presenting:
    • the adult’s initial motivation;
    • hurdles faced and overcome;
    • results achieved and changes generated by acquisition of this new knowledge;
    • how this nominee’s path can be a model for other adults in a similar situation.
  • A text of 15 to 25 lines, handwritten or typed, written by the nominee describing the changes the training has made to his or her life. 

Download the form here

Submit an application by email here

Fax : 514 289-9286
By mail :
Literacy Foundation 4080 Wellington, suite 350
Montreal, Quebec H4G 1V4

The Literacy Foundation reserves the right to get in touch with individuals or organizations nominating candidates in order to obtain further information. 

Incomplete files will be discarded.

If you want more information, please dial 1 877 389-1178 or write an e-mail at: ssaidj@fondationalphabetisation.org

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