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In Quebec, nearly one in two adults has serious difficulty reading

Frédéric Fortin s'est sorti de l'analphabétisme

Frédéric Fortin, aged 31, Belœil

I had a hard time from the moment I set foot in school when I was 6. I dropped out at 15—in Grade 9 it actually felt like I was being pushed out. I was quite a rebel.

I worked for seven years at unskilled jobs, with low pay for hard work. One day, I just broke down. I wanted to die. My mother was worried, I saw a doctor, and got a lot of help. When I’d sorted things out, I went back to school, and kept on working. I was put into literacy training!

It felt like a mountain in front of me. But I kept at it, because now I knew I deserved better. I went to high school, took a Cegep course and went to work in Calgary, to learn English. A few years ago, I bought the bookstore from my father, who himself was illiterate. Today, I’m a happy man! My girlfriend and I are expecting a baby soon.

Marie-France Bazzo, Literacy Foundation spokesperson

It’s for people like Frédéric that the Literacy Foundation exists. Through its Info-Alpha line, it talks to them and listens to them, one by one, helping them to rediscover the love of learning—one of the most powerful ways of rebuilding one’s self-esteem and becoming aware of one’s potential. I really want to take part in this great group effort, so as to give everyone the opportunity to live happily. How about you?

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Marie-France Bazzo, porte-parole de la Fondation pour l'alphabétisation


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