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Organize a fundraising activity


Do you feel like organizing a fundraising activity with the profit going to the Literacy Foundation? Whatever shape it takes, your project is important for us.

There are many ways of fundraising, depending on your tastes and skills, the people you know, and the time you can put into it.

Some examples of activities:

· Suppers, cocktails, galas

· Cultural events (comedy shows, plays, concerts)

· Collections (at work, at school, from family and friends)

· Sports tournaments

· Days and parties with specific themes

· “-athons” (walkathons, skiathons, marathons) and car washes

· Sales (hotdogs, chocolate, pastries, garage sales)

· And many others—the only limit is your imagination!

In all cases, feel free to get in touch with us to make your project come alive:

  • by telephone: 514-289-1178, ext. 235 or 1-800-361-9142