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Volunteering at the Foundation is motivating! Several possibilities are open to you:

  • Volunteer for The Gift of Reading:
    Each year, the Foundation needs volunteers to promote The Gift of Reading in bookstores.

    It is also possible to organize a collection initiative for the program.

  • Organize a fundraiser in aid of the Foundation:
    Fundraising activities can be organized in your workplace, at family events or among your group of friends.

  • Make known the Foundation's services and the literacy cause:
    You can make a difference by talking about the cause with those around you (work, family, friends, etc.). We need a network of people convinced of the importance of literacy in order to guide illiterate individuals toward training.

  • Provide assistance to a literacy organization:
    Some organizations accept one-time assistance from volunteers. The Foundation can give you contact information for organizations near you.

Get involved!

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    1. Volunteer for The Gift of Reading
    2. Organize a fundraiser in aid of the Foundation
    3. Make known the Foundation's services and the literacy cause
    4. Provide assistance to a literacy organization

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For any questions, please contact the Literacy Foundation team at 1-800-361-9142.