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Logo and signature


Logo and signature


Reading is a code, and the letter “A” is the gateway to the alphabet. To give meaning to our reading, we have to master the fundamentals of this code and know the meaning of each word. Literacy training becomes the key that opens the door to learning. At this point, the lock symbol takes on all its meaning. In addition, the hole in the lock represents a human silhouette placed in the centre of the letter “A”. This human silhouette is the adult whom we wish to help.

Developed by Jean-Pierre Gagnon, a graphic designer who worked on the Bell Canada logo, among other things, our logo was officially recognized on August 27, 1996. Mr Gagnon thoroughly researched the typography, contrast and codes associated with reading and writing (pencil, eyeglasses, etc.) until the letter “A” became the clear choice.


Developed in Spring 2007 by Bleublancrouge advertising agency in conjunction with the Foundation, the “Words of hope” signature is attached to the Foundation logo. This association (logo and signature) now provides the header for all Foundation projects.



“We are turned toward the solution, thus toward hope. Paired with the organization’s name, the signature takes on its full meaning: the words "literacy" and "Foundation"—Literacy Foundation—are replete with hope.

Words are central to our mission, and hope underlies all our actions. Moreover, this signature is generic, and can be combined with each of our mandates—awareness, fundraising, prevention and referral—and any Foundation project. Words of hope corresponds to the spirit of each one of them.

Finally, this signature will accompany the Foundation for years to come. The different campaigns and varied expressions we will be putting forward will merely make it all the more relevant.

In short, through its simplicity, it sums up the very essence of the organization.

Maryse Perreault

Literacy Foundation



“For us, words of hope are first of all words, those we read and write every day, which make language so rich—finally, those words which the Literacy Foundation works to make loved by those who have learned to be afraid of them. Words which allow one to open up to others and express one’s thoughts clearly. Words which act as keys to the doors of life.

Words of hope are also all those letters the Foundation receives from people who have gone beyond their fear in order to learn to read and write. Letters which are true testimony to perseverance and personal pride. Also those letters from all those who are happy to have given their time to share their knowledge, who experienced unsuspected growth in doing so.

Finally, words of hope are those two little words found just above the signature—Literacy Foundation—two words which now resound as genuine words of hope for those who do not know how to read and write. Words which also bring the hope of no longer being rejected or isolated by a knowledge society. And the hope of realizing oneself fully and being able to build oneself a different future.

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