Other prevention projects


On occasion, the Literacy Foundation collaborates on projects set up by other organizations which also aim to keep young people in school and prevent illiteracy.

Petits bonheurs

Défi Lire Ensemble

For a fifth year, the Foundation partners with the Petits bonheurs festival—a cultural event for children aged 0 to 6—by donating 1,000 children's books for the "Reading together" challenge held in Montreal's Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district from May 3 to 12, 2013.

To celebrate the joy of reading, residents of the neighbourhood are invited to schedule a reading period as part of their daily activities.

Visiting École La Voie

To raise students’awareness of the joys of reading, the Foundation visited École La Voie high school on February 24, 2010.




Accompanying the Foundation was illustrator Philippe Béha, who led a workshop for students aged 14–15.


While talking about his passion for books, Mr Béha introduced the students to a new craft. He told them about how he became an illustrator, and showed them some of his work, generating a great deal of interest and numerous questions.

He also explained his creative process: how, starting from an idea or phrase, he ends up illustrating a situation, and how he creates characters and stories. 

Since his experience in the field has now led him to write books, he also provided information on how to build a story.




Finally, Mr Béha invited students to dig down deep into their imaginations to illustrate the following phrase: “How great it feels to be on another planet.”

The students joined in enthusiastically!

Little readers grow up

In 2006, to end the school year on a high note and in the key of reading, the organizers of Montréal, capitale mondiale du livre (Montreal, World Book Capital) suggested the Foundation collaborate in the Petit lecteur deviendra grand (Little readers grow up) activity. Children completing Grade 1 in one of Montreal’s five school boards all received the gift of a brand new children’s book.

With the collaboration of 15 or so publishing houses, a total of almost 18,000 books were given out.