The Gift of Reading


Helping today's children to prepare tomorrow's adults

Literacy Foundation celebrates 15th anniversary of its flagship program The Gift of Reading by giving brand new books to 38,504 children

To celebrate the 15th edition of its program, The Gift of Reading, the Literacy Foundation is pleased to announce that 38,504 brand new books will be distributed to that many underprivileged children aged 0-12. The Foundation and program spokesperson, actress Marie Turgeon, are proud to reveal the record results of this initiative aimed at preventing the reading difficulties that can lead to young people dropping out of school and then to illiteracy.

Since 1999, more than 361,500 children and their families have benefited from the program.


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There are three ways to participate in The Gift of Reading:

If you would like to get involved as a collection site (bookstore or library), feel free to get in touch with us.