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Literacy Foundation, beneficiary of Un métro qui nous est propre project

Smart bookmarks with IMPACT!

Literacy Foundation, beneficiary of Un métro qui nous est propre project

A single act for recycling paper and knowledge for young people returning to school

An initiative from daily paper Métro, Cascades Inc. and Montreal’s transit corporation (STM), Un métro qui nous est propre, a project presented on March 9, 2005 at McGill metro station, raised metro users’ awareness of the importance of recycling their Métro newspapers and the feeling of shame that can be felt by those for whom reading is a barrier.

More than 200 recycling bins were installed in Montreal metro stations in order to recycle used newspapers. The Literacy Foundation receives the profits generated by the recovery of tonnes of paper, and these will be used to fund the Info-Alpha “front-line” service (1-800-361-9142). This support will help more young people aged 16–30 recycle their knowledge and thus return to school.

Recycle your Métro newspaper and help young people returning to school renew their knowledge!


Smart bookmarks with IMPACT!








In its concern to contribute to the development and enhancement of well-being in daily life, Académie Impact was partnering with the literacy cause to present a series of 10 smart bookmarks.

Personal enrichment is central to the motivation of individuals undergoing literacy training, and is a shared priority of the Foundation and Académie Impact. We invited you to support this winning partnership by buying a $5.00 pack of 10 bookmarks, each one illustrating, in an original, dynamic manner, a message that will trigger your awareness of the little things of daily life.

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