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Adult Learnline throughout Quebec!

Info-Alpha line

New awareness campaign targeting immigrant women

Info-Alpha shows its colours in the metro


Adult Learnline in Quebec Adult Learners Week TV advertisement

For the 7th year running, the Adult Learnline number was the reference provided in the TV advertisement promoting adult education and lifelong learning as part of Quebec Adult Learners Week.

The Week was held from March 28 to April 3, 2009. The goal of this yearly event is to develop throughout Quebec’s adult population the desire and opportunities for lifelong learning in the various facets of their lives—personal, social and professional. The Adult Learnline is proud to have been a partner of the Week from the outset.

For further information, visit the Quebec Adult Learners Week site.

Adult Learnline throughout Quebec!

Posters, folders and calendars will be distributed in more than 1,900 organizations in the education, employment, recreation and culture, and immigration networks.

Distribution of these communication tools is among the actions being taken as part of the Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sports (MELS) campaign to promote adult education and lifelong learning in conjunction with the Literacy Foundation.

New awareness campaign targeting immigrant women

The Foundation is launching an awareness campaign aimed at immigrant women with little schooling on the Island of Montreal, promoting the Info-Alpha line. The goal is to make this clientele familiar with our service in order to help them undertake French language or French language literacy training.

The campaign is running from August 25 to

October 4, using several means of communication. Thousands of leaflets, translated into six languages (English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Farsi and Punjabi), have been distributed to community organizations and businesses frequented by immigrant women. And Arabic and Spanish-language advertisements have appeared in newspapers and been broadcast during radio programs targeting those communities.

This project was made possible by funding under the Support program for civic and intercultural relations (PARCI) of Quebec’s Ministry of Immigration and Cultural Communities (MICC).


Info-Alpha shows its colours in the metro

Since November 2007, 100 or so platform posters have displayed the “Knowing how to read, write and count lets you get more out of life!” campaign visual in the Montreal metro.

The purpose of displaying posters in metro stations is to reach individuals with little schooling, and those close to them. This placement ties in with the communication strategies developed in conjunction with the Foundation by the Quebec Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sport (MELS) to promote literacy.