Dictionaries: Pass it on!

Cascades of Paper

Dictionaries: Pass it on!

For the 2007 edition, through the used dictionary recovery operation at Archambault, in conjunction with the Foundation, 1,114 dictionaries were handed out to 41 community organizations in Quebec.

In six years, Archambault has collected more than 5,000 second-hand dictionaries that have been given to some 600 community organizations in Quebec.


From July 26 to September 15, 2007, the public were invited to take in old editions of dictionaries to one of the 15 Archambault stores in exchange for a discount on the purchase of a new dictionary.

The Literacy Foundation and the 41 recipient organizations wish to thank all the donors, along with the 15 Archambault stores that took part in this major operation.

Cascades of Paper

In 2007, through its partnership with Cascades Inc., within the framework of the Cascades of Paper for Literacy project, the Literacy Foundation tangibly supported the efforts of individuals undergoing literacy training and the work accomplished by literacy resources by making a gift of paper.

  • 150 Quebec organizations received the gift of paper.

  • A major gift of 1,500.000 sheets of paper.

  • 16,314 learners were affected by the project.

  • Pooling of partners’ forces in support of literacy: Cascades Inc., Nationex, official carrier, and the Literacy Foundation.