Telephone help lines


Personal accounts

Day by day, the Foundation's help line operators hear touching accounts from individuals who have trouble reading and writing or are looking for training.

The Foundation would like to share some responses with you that will give you a better idea of what our operators' work involves. In guiding users to the appropriate resources while taking their geographical location and family and occupational situation into account, they are helping encourage people in the steps they take, and thus facilitating their access to learning services. 

"I've lost my job. I'm going to be on unemployment. It's not that I wasn't a good worker... I've decided to take control of my life. I want to go to school now. It doesn't bother some people. It's not too late for me. I want a qualification. When you work in the kitchen, it's good to know how to read a recipe."

- Ghislaine, aged 50, Saint-Rémi

"When I saw the Info-Alpha ad on the TV, I thought to myself that I could call to talk about my friend's mother, who's illiterate. There's no one to help him with his homework. But my mother helps me a lot with my schoolwork."

- Marie, aged 14, Alma

"I dropped out of school to travel out west. Now I'm too old to go back to where I was in high school. I don't know what to do, I don't know where to go to start getting an education."

- Martin, aged 25, Trois-Rivières

"My 25-year-old daughter can't even read. My son isn't interested in school, all he thinks about is getting money. I don't know where I went wrong. I want to know how to help them."

- Jeanne, aged 52, Laval

"My wife's going to come and join me in Canada. She's from Kenya, and doesn't speak any French, just a little English, and her Kenyan native language. I didn't know where to register her. You explained it to me very clearly, and now I can decide."

- Jamal, aged 47, Laval

"Since I retired, I have a lot of time on my hands. The problem is, I have less to keep me busy. I look at people who like reading, and they seem to be using their time well. I was never much of a reader, so it's as if I've got out of the habit, I've forgotten how."

- Arthur, aged 62, Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts

* In order to respect the privacy of the individuals mentioned here, their names been changed.