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Cascades Papers for Literacy

Cascades of paper for literacy

Cascades makes an annual donation of 1.5 million sheets of paper to literacy groups

Under the Cascades Papers for Literacy program, Cascades has made a five-year commitment to donate 1.5 million sheets of recycled paper every year to nearly 150 community-based literacy groups in Québec. By 2014, 7.5 million sheets of paper will have been furnished to thousands of adults enrolled in basic education and literacy programs.

The Cascades Papers for Literacy program is made possible by the generous collaboration of Nationex, the Literacy Foundation’s official carrier, which handles the delivery of boxes of paper and books across the province.

The Foundation salutes its partners for the substantial, tangible support provided to the thousands of adults undergoing literacy training in every region of Quebec.

Cascades de papier
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Mathieu Poulin, Nationex, Diane Mockle, CEO, Literacy Foundation, Sandrine Martinez, Albin-Michel Canada et Marie-Josée Carrier, Cascades