In Quebec, illiteracy affects one in six adults, yet remains a little-known problem. Our aim is to take the mystery out of the issue and ensure that it is more clearly understood by the media and the general public.

We have also been offering assistance and referrals with respect to training for Quebec adults since 1990, through our telephone lines.

We also place our expertise and partnerships at the service of organizations in all sectors so as to support the work of literacy workers in the field.

Illiteracy and literacy

800,000 Quebecers are illiterate. To find out more about this shocking problem.


Telephone help lines

Through the Info-Alpha line and the Adult Learnline, the Foundation offers assistance and referrals concerning training for Quebec adults.

Since 1990, more than 85,000 individuals have been helped.

Programs and activities

Programs and activites set up or supported by the Literacy Foundation.

Support to organizations

Our expertise in research and communications and our partnerships and initiatives are at the service of organizations from all areas to work in the struggle against illiteracy.